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Levite, a choice of heart

Levite  born in  2010 after an experience of  over 25 years in the design, production and sale of hybrid, absorbent and 100% cotton nappies  other baby products.

The founders of the company have been employed for many years in multinational companies in the sector helping to realize the design and technology currently at the basis of "disposable" diapers. Today, starting right from the limits of the classic "disposable" diapers, they have decided to use their skills to create  innovative products.

Levita® products  they are entirely drawn in  Research and Development Center of Crema (CR) - Italy, and, therefore, are produced by  Italian design  made with  refined raw materials.

Levita conscientiously takes care of the selection and use of laboratories for the production of products, both in Italy and abroad, guaranteeing the highest quality and absolute ethics.

Company data:

- Registered office: Via Achille Barbaro 2 / a

- VAT number:  01519720195

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